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Own pieces of pottery selected and approved by our Master Potter, Cindy Koh and discover other ancillary services to enhance your learning experience.

Honing Your Skill

Practice makes Perfect. This is ever true in a potter's journey. It is only through practice can the skills you learnt during lessons be perfected and you achieve the gratification that you seek.

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White Stoneware Clay (1kg)

White stoneware clay prepared by Clay Expression.

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Gift Voucher

Good things in life are best shared! Purchase a gift voucher for your favourite people for them to experience and share in the love that you have found in pottery. Gift vouchers are only for our Introduction Class and comes with a 3 month validity period.

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  • 3 Months Validity

Gift Voucher for Introductory Class

Use this gift voucher to redeem one Introductory Class for 1 pax.

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Clay Expression Collection

Be the proud owner of our limited edition handmade pottery. Each piece is individually crafted with love and skills honed over years. No one piece is identical to another. Only produced and available in small batches.

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Janji Series – White Salt Fired Bowl II

This piece reminds us of the need to renew our promise to ourselves each day - to live a life worthy of ourselves.

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RED – Porcelain Cups (set of 6)

These are an assortment of red porcelain cups. Each piece different from the other, yet undeniably part of the same collection. Set of 6 cups.

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RED – Prosperity Vase II

The colour and shape of this vase symbolises the richness of life with a belly full of happiness.

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Daun Series: Teapot Set Brown

“Daun” means “leaf” in the Malay Language. The motive on the lid is a geometric representation of a bouquet of leaves that was created using the masking technique during the glazing process.

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