Effective as of 1 JANUARY, 2020


Please read the following terms and conditions before completing your enrollment as a student at Clay Expression.

In exchange for Clay Expression (“the Studio”) promising to:

  • provide students a safe and pleasant learning environment;
  • give students the best guidance, tools and opportunity to learn, explore, experiment and practice the art of creating works in clay; and
  • offer highly trained instructors who are also passionate about creating art in pottery and ceramics,

by enrolling as a student at the Studio, I agree and commit to the following:

  • I am responsible for my own learning and progress.
  • I will be respectful and courteous to my instructors and fellow students.
  • I will follow all the studio’s safety rules.
  • I will be on time for my classes and will leave on time
  • I agree to pay RM 38/hour of time beyond class session.
  • I will be responsible for making and managing my class reservations.
  • I will be responsible for my own class schedule and expiration of courses.
  • I agree to give 48 hours’ notice to reschedule a class, failing which, I agree that my class will be treated as a no-show and forfeited.
  • I am responsible for cleaning my work space after class for use by the next student.
  • I agree to pay RM38 penalty charge if my workspace is not cleaned up after class.
  • I understand that studio rental does not include instruction from Studio instructors. If I  require instruction, I will pay instructors RM 200 per hour.
  • I agree that my pottery pieces left at Studio longer than 60 days of course expiration will  be discarded or howsoever dealt with by the Studio at its sole discretion.
  • I understand that there will be additional firing charges if I use more material than is  provided for in the course.
  • I am responsible for the outcome of my artwork.
  • I understand that my registration for the course/class is not transferrable.



Please read the following terms in relation to these services carefully before engaging and/or purchasing these services.

Studio rental and firing services are only available to students and/or alumni (“Customer”) of Clay Expression (“the Studio”).

Studio Rental

  1. Each block of studio rental time is 3 hours and may only be used in blocks and not part of. Partial usage will be charged in full as a block (3 hours) and will not be pro-rated.
  2. All Customers will be responsible for managing their own reservations. Cancellation and/or changes to booking may only be made with at least 48 hours’ notice prior to booked slot.
  3. Studio rental may be purchased in sets of 3 blocks (3 hours/ block).  Expiry per set of studio hours purchased is 3 months from date of first usage.
  4. Studio rental hours purchased are not exchangeable for other products and/or services but, subject to Studio’s approval, may be transferred to another student/alumni.
  5. All Customers are responsible for cleaning their work space after use and failing to do  so, agree to be charged a RM38 penalty.
  6. All Customers are to understand and accept that studio rental is strictly for practice and unguided – instructors will not guide, teach  and/or answer any technical enquiries, which may be brought up and addressed during a class. 
  7. All unfinished works will be discarded after 3 weeks (greenware), 1  month (bisque ware), 2 months (fired items).


  1. Customer are responsible for the outcome of their pieces and must not hold the studio responsible for any damages incurred when using the firing service.
  2. In the unfortunate event that a Customer’s piece(s) explode or is/are damaged during  the firing (for whatsoever reason), the Customer agrees to bear the cost of firing of the damaged piece and the cost (material and firing) of other works that are  damaged in the kiln due to the explosion. If the explosion of the Customer’s piece causes damage to the kiln, the said Customer shall be bear the cost of repairs of   the kiln.
  3. There will be a penalty of RM10 per item if the glaze(s) of a Customer’s piece has overflows during the firing and that the kiln shelve needs to be cleaned.
  4. Customers will have to pay a penalty of RM 30 per item if their work explodes in the kiln during  bisque firing as the kiln needs to be vacuumed, cleaned and checked.