Clay Expression... shaping happiness since 2000

Clay Expression is about helping you discover your inner potter through a happy process.We teach people who want to learn to make pottery as a hobby, to be a ceramic artist, to start a new teaching career or for stress relief.

Pottery making is more than transforming a ball of clay into a form. Incredibly tactile, it requires you to touch and feel as you create. Amazingly absorbing, it stills the mind and focuses your attention on the now. Deceptively effortless, it challenges your determination and develops self-expression, stretching your skill and imagination.

As an art form, pottery making takes years, possibly a lifetime, to master. However, you WILL progress within a short time. Every session is always fruitful and you will emerge invigorated and looking forward to the next one.





Clay Expression focuses on pottery classes

Our approach is skill development. We set our students on our tried and tested curriculum to encourage their progress from first-time potter to independent maker.

Be it making things for your home, setting up shop, or for personal gratification, we can equip YOU to create your own magic.

Clay is a natural trainer that teaches patience.Pottery making is a process with tangible rewardsfor your labour of love.Happiness is inevitable.