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The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
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Keeper of a Dying Art

Traditional Iban Long House Potter. The clay is beaten into shape rather than formed on a potter’s wheel.

  Every piece of porcelain is made from clay, which undergoes a firing temperature of 1,350°C to become fine, quality porcelain.

Study & Learn Pottery for Free
A Series of Clay Craft Tutorial on Videos

Japanese Tea Ceremony
The Tea Bowl and the Potter

Clay, My Lady Clay
Sculptor from Iran

Sculptured in Yoga Postures
Clay objects by Potter Cindy Koh

Why do we have to “Wedge”?
Why can’t we use the clay as it is

Potters Tip of the day: What is Rhythm?
One of the most difficult part of the trimming process is re-centering a piece on the potter’s wheel.

Family of Potters
Meet a man who’s absolutely passionate about beauty

He’s an eighth generation descendant of a family who has focused on skill & pottery craftsmanship for more than two centuries.
Father of English pottery
He created lovely cream coloured earthenware called Queen’s Ware after Queen Charlotte...

Hong Kong Art Museum director Peter Lam gave his verdict on most of the 50 pottery items – with and without glaze and stoneware.

The magic touch of the potter like an expert magician... deftly moulded and shaped the Clay dough to beautifully in perfect shape and size.

The French finally discovered kaolin to make the hard-paste porcelain which the region of Limoges is now famous for.

A tea master gives advice on 2 things about tea your local dim sum restaurateur won't tell you.


Ceramic sculptured figurines in Various Yoga poses

REVATHI MURUGAPPAN meets Cindy Koh, a potter who makes ceramic sculptured figurines in yoga poses.

POTTER Cindy Koh was strolling along a golf course early this year when an excruciating pain shot down her knee, causing her leg to buckle.

She fell to the ground and hollered for help. She could barely walk. A visit to the doctor confirmed that an old injury had now led to osteoarthritis (deterioration of the cartilage due to excessive wear and tear).

Sculptured Ceramic
Yoga in Warrior Pose

The yoga aficionado was not allowed any strenuous activity for three months. Since she couldn’t attend yoga classes, she did the next best thing made sculptures in yoga poses to keep connected with the exercise form.

Life’s a fine balance between the things we want to do and the things we have to do, says the 33-year-old owner of Clay Expression pottery studio.

Even though I was injured, I still had to work so making the clay Yoga sculptures was a good way of balancing both.  

Koh, who calls herself the accidental potter, stumbled upon ceramics while she was at the University of Evansville, Indiana.

From being a business major, she changed her field of study to ceramics. Making figurines in yoga poses is not necessarily easier than practicing yoga, Koh observes. 

But, she says she always feels a sense of accomplishment whenever she manages to pull off ceramic figurines with difficult poses.




Sculptured Naked Clay Tubby Woman
with layers of fat in Yoga Pose

Koh even made a hilarious ceramic figurine of a tubby woman trying to do the triangle pose.

But tilts to the side because of her size. She explains, "That was me when I started yoga classes!... Anyway, round shapes are more pleasing to the eye."

"It's like being in a battlefield. You fight but use graceful yoga poses to win the war"...Says Koh

My yoga clay sculptures are often women because I acknowledge their contribution to society since time immemorial.

So I thought, I should reflect this in my yoga ceramic sculptures. If you wish to order any of my Yoga Pose Ceramic Sculptures, you are welcome to contact me


The clay "Yoga Warrior" sculpture pieces have to be burnished and smoked. It took me three weeks to make the Warrior pose.

Many times the limbs would break off and it was frustrating. You have to be really meticulous in the clay molding process, like making and shaping the naked butt, she chuckles cheekily.

Koh’s Yoga ceramic sculptures are all female as males have straight bodies and are not so interesting to sculpt. Interestingly, because she was injured at the time, all her sculptures have no legs! And they are a bit on the round side.

Yes, yes, my Yoga clay sculptures are fat, like me! she smiles. My mother always told me I was plump and despite going on many diets, the weight didn’t come off. So I thought I should reflect this in my sculptures.

A labour of love; "all-female" sculpture Yoga ceramic chess set made from imported glass mosaic.

Her knights are in yoga warrior poses while the King is represented in a headstand, also known as the king of asanas for its numerous physical and mental benefits.

Some sculptures even have layers of fat!...
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Acknowledgment of information source: Trivial Pursuit. The Star L I F E S T Y L E Saturday October 28, 2006



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