Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
Seramik Kraftangan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, PJ


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Dances of Clay on the pottery wheel
Sowing the seeds of Astonishing Depth of Beauty from Clay

Cindy Koh
Bs. in Arts (Ceramics) University of Evansville, Indiana, USA

The subject of clay on the potter's wheel is never ending; there is always something new to express with boundless creative energy shifting from different methods and different mediums and forever searching for new ideas.

A potter hands on the alternating textures of rustic and organic unobtrusive colored clay surfaces being shaped and transformed into an art piece on a pottery wheel are yet another example of the meticulous attention paid to detail that reflects the potter original approach to every creation.

A potter work of art inspired by nature organic shapes and textures with interesting contrasts in textures of dark brown clay that seems to have grown out of seashell with chip ivory hued ceramic glazed of clear cut shade and intensity -- are meant to reflect the potter preference for thinking outside the box.

Ceramic lovers would marvel at hand crafted finish details on ceramic vases and tea pots. Imagine being a room surrounded by poetry of nature oriental potteries inspired by flora and fauna motifs that uplift your spirit with vibrant and delicately created ceramics of art.

  Inspiring Ceramic News
Keeper of a Dying Art
Traditional Iban Long House Potter
Father of English pottery.
He created lovely cream coloured earthenware called Queenís Ware after Queen Charlotte...

Potters love the wholesome communion of the process of shaping and manipulating the clay around with their hands which involves all the elements of creation: Earth, Water, Air, human feelings and emotions in an abstract context.

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Many potters clay work are original; because hand-built are figurative in form; with a distinctive abstract expressionist style that engage the viewer mentally as an outward reflection of their consciousness.

In ceramics nothing can be the same.
The heat of the kiln and the effects of glazing used in the creating process can change the outcome of colors applied. Clay is a natural record-keeper and has a different textural feel and appearance depending on how much or how little it is manipulated.

Potters enjoy manipulating clay in their hands by turning them into vassals that expressed permanence, love, birth, growth, and resonating pure harmony full of wonder that reaches deep within self to evoke a sublime profound sense of wonder.

Hand-building for many potters, the hand built process is a dialogue between their hands and the clay an individual language in which the whole body is involved in speaking and listening to the clay.

Clay's tactile nature and natural energy are ideal qualities for making ceramic pieces look as if they grew from where they stand -- potters enjoyed exaggerating the spiral that is evident in hand-thrown pottery and creating each physical impression on their ceramic becomes permanent.


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