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Art & Craft of Passion with Clay



  Clay Expression

Sculptured Ceramic Chess Board Figurines in Yoga Poses


Ceramic Warrior 2
The pose of readiness and alertness where the clay feet are firmly grounded and the trunk is held straight and strong, eyes looking ahead steadily.


Lord of the Dance
A ceramic pose that stretches the upper clay body and develops balance to the highest level.


Shoulder Stand
The ceramic “queen” of yoga poses, the clay Shoulder Stand has a deep calming effect while it stimulates circulation.


Two clay hands touching in a simple gesture to acknowledge the source of energy and bow to the intelligence within oneself.


Head Stand
“King” of yoga poses with many physical & mental benefits that provides opportunity to consider things from a different point of view while it reverses the direction of gravity’s pull.


Reverse Namaste
The reverse of the namaste ceramic posture opens up the chest and heart area for greater flow of energy and emotion.


  12" by 12" inches square ceramic chest board with Yoga pose clay figurine


  The pride of her pottery collection is the handmade "all-female" ceramic chess set (price at US$225), a sheer labor of love.

The chess board is made from imported glass mosaic. "It's like being in a battlefield. You fight but use graceful poses to win the war" says Koh

Her knights are in sculptured yoga warrior poses while the King is represented in a headstand, also known as the king of asanas for its numerous physical and mental benefits.

Notice that the queen is positioned in a shoulder stand.



Cindy Koh founder of Clay Expression

  My clay Yoga sculptures are fat, like me! My mother always told me I was plump and despite going on many diets, the weight didn’t come off.

So I thought, I should reflect this in my Yoga ceramic sculptures.


Naked, legless with lovely back-end butt with layers of body fat clay sculpture in yoga pose.

Cindy Koh said; "At the beginning, I made them without clothes and later on, I added accessories, I dressed them in bikinis because that's what I see women wearing in most yoga classes." She explains.


Swimsuit Yoga Class Pose ceramic



Naked Tubby Woman Yoga Pose with layers of body fat


  Naked hilarious ceramic figurine of a Tubby Woman in Yoga Pose with layers of body fat



  The first few Yoga sculptures Koh did were round, naked and legless but eventually, as her knee improved and she was able to walk comfortably again.

The sculptures got trimmer, "wore" two pieces swimsuits and "grew" legs. Just like her, she says.


  Two piece bikini Yoga Pose ceramic


  She says she always feels a sense of accomplishment whenever she manages to pull off clay figurines with difficult poses.

The  two clay yoga "Warrior" pose pieces (below) have to be burnished and smoked that took me three weeks to complete.

  Warrior Pose ceramic


  Together with her childhood buddy and best friend Susan Tam, Koh is currently holding an exhibition called "Balancing Art.... it's a matter of priority."

They have crafted work in a variety of media to demonstrate those balance can be achieved through persistence and dedication. It's an exhibition inspired by, and expressed through yoga asanas postures.


Yoga pose ceramic Book End

Acknowledgment of information source: Trivial Pursuit.
The Star Lifestyle

While Koh did the clay Yoga sculptures, Tam, a part-time artist, came up with a series of yoga paintings based on pictures in magazines and what she saw in class.

"I used a lot of lines to show alignment and if you notice, my paintings are of naked people. Some people find it obscene but it's just the body in motion," says Tam, a wing importer.

Koh and Tam have laboriously worked on the exhibit for the last three months. There are 35 ceramic clay sculptures and six big artworks on sale, along with smaller paintings.

The creative ladies have also come up with bookmarks and cards. Proceeds from the latter will go towards a charitable home in India run by Manoj's mother.

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