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In this Course, you learn to produce 2 different bowl forms and trim them on the potter’s wheel.

Bowl form is the second most basic form in pottery making.

Bowl form refers the the curved inside of the piece.

In this course, you will learn to:

  1. make bowl forms; 
  2. shape your bowls;
  3. trim bowl forms; 
  4. glaze using 1 glazing technique; and
  5. take home up to 15 pieces of self-made pottery.
Students have to complete the following course(s) before signing-up for this class:
201 Wheel Throwing - Cylinder Form
Lesson #1Making 300g Bowl: The Technique
Lesson #2Making 300g Bowl: Creating “V” and “U” shape bowls
Lesson #3Trimming a foot
Lesson #4Glazing: Dipping technique

* Each lesson is a 3-hour class

Materials Included
Clay“Free-flow” of clay
Firing1.5kg Firing (* Extra fee applies if total weight of final products exceed 1.5kg)
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