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This is a compulsory course for those who would like to venture into hand building pottery.

In this course, you learn 3 basic traditional techniques of pottery making.

Hand building in pottery making terms consist of traditional pottery making techniques without the use of a potter’s wheel.

In this course, you will learn:
1) prepare clay by wedging;
2) 3 hand building techniques;
3) 1 glazing techniques; and
4) take home up to 4 pieces of self-made pottery.

Compulsory for all hand building beginner students
Lesson #1Coil: Build in a mould
Lesson #2Coil & slip
Lesson #3Coil & blend
Lesson #4Glazing - Insert glaze and dip

* Each lesson is a 3-hour class

Materials Included
Clay“Free-flow” of clay
Firing1.5kg Firing (* Extra fee applies if total weight of final products exceed 1.5kg)
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