Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
Malaysia Seramik Kraftangan Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, PJ


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Crafting ceramic wares
into astonishing depth of beauty from clay

Bringing creative
to life...

A journey

to irresistible beauty of ceramics art...

An opportunity for: Students Artist, Potters, and Ceramist to express themselves and exhibit their works of art as well as getting to learn and experiences how to organize an exhibition, display and market their artwork in the "Art World".

2006 - January - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October - November - December




Dates: 10th April – 7th May 2006  
Title: The unusual Shinos - Guest staring Cindy Koh originals
Venue: Clay Expression Pottery Studio
Show time: 10am – 9pm Daily
Admission: Free
“The unusual Shinos”
exhibition is about going back to basics as an artist for Cindy Koh. And what better way to do that than to work with one of the most basic glazes, shinos. In this exhibition, Cindy will showcase the many looks of shino on basic forms.

Many potters tend to write shinos off as boring earthly colored glazes that are troublesome to work with because shinos run, crawl and pinhole.

Through the Show, Cindy will attempt to change people’s perception of shinos as dull glazes by demonstrating its potent possibilities at transforming basic forms into interesting works of art….



Dates: 8th May – 14th June 2006

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Title: Earth & Fire
Venue: Clay Expression at Ikano Power Center Damansara Mutiara
Show time: 10am – 9pm Daily
Admission: Free
Clay Sculptures and other works by Fauzi & Helen

Fauzi Tahir and Helen Betlem are members of Studio Pena founded in 1998 by a local sculptor Mad Anuar.

Mad’s idea in setting up the Pena studio was to attract people to become artists by teaching them the basics of painting, woodcarving, printing and welding.

He succeeded in getting together a small group of about 7 people who come together every weekend. In 2004 the idea was born to setup an own ceramic line to create some income for the group.

In no time Fauzi became the key player in the design and production of pottery. He works full time on the pottery you see on the show with assistance from Helen.

The pottery is not made by using a wheel but every piece is handmade. After a design is agreed a mold is produced and only a very small edition of that particular model is fired.

Fauzi and Helen, who are both sculptors, started to make ceramic sculptures as well and some of these sculptures can be seen at this show.
Dates: 16th June – 12th July 2006

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Title: “A potter’s Journey”
Venue: Clay Expression Pottery Studio
Show time: 10am – 9pm Daily
Admission: Free

Exhibition 1


“A potter’s Journey”

This is an exhibition of a body of works by the students' and the potters' of Clay expression which shows their progress in the craft.

Each student goes through a self-discovery process, a learning experience that includes dealing with frustrations, being realistic about expectations, the delight in seeing the final product.

Each ceramic piece is an expression of the student’s individual creativity, vision and dreams plus buckets of “sweat and tears”.
Dates: 29th June – 15th August 2006
Title:  “Bowled over”
Venue: Badan Warisan, Jalan Conlay, KL.
Show time: 10am – 9pm Daily
Admission: Free

Exhibition 2


“Bowled over”

This is exhibition is about bowls and how each of the 10 potters see the bowl form in their daily lives. You would expect to see, bowls which are funny, fun, functional, whimsical, sculptural….



July, August & September

Dates:  14th July – 10th Sept 2006

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Title:  "The Four Seasons"
Venue: Clay Expression Pottery Studio
Show time: 10am – 9pm Daily
Admission: Free



"The Four Seasons"

This is the first exhibition since the opening of Clay Expression Ikano that the partners of Clay Expression come together to exhibit their works of art.


Dates:  6th October – 1st November 2006

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Title: "Balancing Art"
Venue: Clay Expression Pottery Studio
Show time: 10am – 9pm Daily
Admission: Free



"Balancing Art"

Juggling between family commitments and work responsibilities.  Finding moments for self-fulfilment and allocating hours to social events.

Life’s a fine balance between the things we want to do and the things we have to do. This theme is refreshingly expressed through a presentation of yoga asanas (poses) in Balancing Art.




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