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Venco range of wheels and pugs are designed
to caters for the hobbyist through to the professional.
There is a
Venco product to suit your needs and budget!



Venco (Australia) is an internationally
renowned manufacturer and exporter
of potters wheels and pug mills.




Shaft 3/4 inch diameter ground steel

Main Bearings:

Self lubricating bronze with double "O" ring seals

Linkage Bearing:

Self lubricating resilient polyurethane

Speed Range:

30-240 rpm, infinitely variable wheel head "free wheels" in the "off" position




27" x 20" x 22" high


1/2 HP resilient mounted


220 to 240v AC  50Hz

Wheel Head:

11" diameter


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Distributor for Venco products
in Malaysia

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Venco has been manufacturing potters wheels since 1979 and world renowned for high quality, reliable and low priced potters wheels.

All Venco cone drive potters wheels are made in their Victorian factory and the Electronic speed controlled potters wheel is manufactured in our factory in Perth, Western Australia.

Ceramists working
on Venco Electric Potters Wheels

Clay pot being made on Venco Variable Speed Electric Pottery Wheel

Pottery has allowed ceramist artist to peel away at the deep layers of mystery that lie beneath the outward appearance of soft moist clay.


Venco potters wheels are light weight compact electric potters wheel with a cone drive infinitely variable speed control and "free wheeling" wheel head and corrosion resistant aluminium tray and wheel head. Steel frame /body painted with durable expoxy paint - heat cure.

Venco potters wheels is the professional or novice potters wheel-throwers choice, for...

Transforming clay into stunning and inspiring ceramic plates, saucers, cups, bowls, jugs, teapots, vases, figurine, and sculptures of all shape and sizes.


Resilient mounted motor for smooth quite operation. All control linkages mounted on vibration resistant lubricated for life polyurethane bearings. Foot operated speed control, an additional hand operated speed control with or without speed lock is also available.

Guaranteed for 12 months against defective parts or faulty workmanship. Major features of this wheel are smooth, quite operation and low cost relative to comparable wheels available.

Venco potters wheels product line and various options available for each model can be view here...

A Venco 75mm, 0.37kW De-Air Pug Mill

VENCO have been manufacturing Pug Mills since 1983 and are renowned worldwide for their quality. Venco use the highest quality materials in the construction of the pug mills to ensure a long and reliable service life.

Venco manufacture three different series of pugmills.

"There is always a story to tell, ceramics speak eloquently of our past and present."

shaping clay without a potter's wheel has captivated expert and novice ceramists for centuries.

The traditional
models comprise a thick section, marine grade, aluminium barrel and a single stainless steel auger. The new Super-twin's barrel and auger is constructed entirely from stainless steel. This unit has a novel twin auger mixing chamber which leads to a single auger extruder.

The very largest industrial pugs manufactured by Venco are also constructed entirely from stainless steel. Stainless steel bolts are used where there is the possibility of corrosion. These materials are chosen to minimise chances of clay contamination by corrosion of the barrel or auger.

The drive trains comprises a single or three phase (depending on model) AC motor, directly coupled to a high efficiency industrial gearbox. All motors have integral thermal overload protection. This combination not only guarantees smooth quiet operation but also a long service life even under the most demanding loads.

What is a pugmill? A pug mill is used to blend clay to restore it to a more uniform workable consistency. This applies to new clay or clay scraps from previous work.


Clay is loaded into the feed hopper (closest to motor) and an internal auger pushes the clay along the barrel, through some fine screens before recompressing the clay and forcing it out the nozzle.


The de-airing models incorporate a vacuum pump which removes air trapped within the clay while pugging is performed. This produces the highest quality clay for immediate use on a potters wheel.


Traditionally a similar result was obtained by kneading the clay with hands or feet for several hours. This is still done in many countries but a pug mill can make the task easier and quicker than the traditional manual method. Approximately one hour of pug mill use will produce enough pugged clay for an average professional potters days work.

Distributor for Venco products in Malaysia

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"What can be more romantic than falling in love while working with clay and turning your visions into creating beautiful potteries of inspirations"

Crafting clay have almost limitless possibilities, from functional dinnerware, stoneware or gigantic clay sculptures and ceramic lidded rice container pots, to clay wares for collectors or friends.




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