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Clay Expression The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay. Malaysia Seramik Kraftangan Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, PJ


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Making the Unseen Seen

Yoga Inspired Sculptured Ceramic

Express your passion with clay at our fully equip pottery studio facilities; Pottery Studio Rental, pottery wheel, ceramic firing kiln, clay, painting, ceramics glaze materials with color chart, pleasant potters studio work area, professional artist sessions and more...



Pottery Classes
Clay Work-Shops

In Search of Expression with Clay

Clay Expression single session pottery wheel throwing & clay hand-building class designed for those with no ceramic experience


The Clay Adventure begins

4 sessions hand-building or Wheel throwing pottery classes for those to understand the limitless shape shifting of clay


Journey of Ceramic Inspiration

10 sessions Ceramic course designed for a journey of exploring pottery wheel throwing and clay hand-building techniques


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Dances of Clay on the pottery wheel...

The Craft and Art of Clay Pinching - Coiling - Extruding - Molding Slip Casting - Slab Work - Throwing - Kilns Needing - Press Molds - Glazing - Firing...

Hand-building-- shaping clay without a potter's wheel has captivated expert and novice ceramists for centuries.

Creating your own original designs by shaping moist clay into a ceramic cup, a sculpture or making distinctive Plates, Bowls, Mugs and Teapots is like giving voice to complex dreams and visions...

Crafting clay have almost limitless possibilities, from functional dinnerware, stoneware or gigantic clay sculptures and ceramic lidded rice container pots, to clay wares for collectors or friends.

Pottery has allowed ceramist artist to peel away at the deep layers of mystery that lie beneath the outward appearance of soft moist clay and creating pottery art pieces similar to the way artist paint--both involve intense exploratory processes.

We accept customize design orders

We offers customize "one off" design ceramic pieces, special production orders, professional expertise and ceramics technical consultancy


Experience the Next Level Pottery

Intermediate & Advance Pottery Class on Wheel Throwing and Hand-Building by Clay Expression to create ceramics art of beauty


Exploring new frontiers clay workshops

Clay Expression group adventure exploration ceramic workshops designed for; Events or Corporate Extra Curriculum activities

The Child Who Will Shape
Starts Here!

Kids always believe in bringing their dreams to life... it's about the adventurous spirit of the young who believe in themselves and about being able to realize a dream. Let your kids embark on a course that will take them On a Journey of Discovery?


Baby Clay Prints Mementos

Creating memories Baby hands and foot prints recorded on natural clay

Baby hands & foot print
on natural clay

Adult Pottery Classes
My pottery works touches on the beauty of creation and triumph of creativity.

My ceramic works of art are based on any inspirational objects under the sky and I do not limit myself to any preferred mediums to express my heart and soul with clay.

Ultimately my creations are about me, what I like and what I care about. This is me.


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