Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay


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Malaysia Kraftangan Galeri Kraf Pameran Seramik Institut Kraf Negara warisan Selangor, PJ

Where Creative Minds are inspired...

Pottery Studio rental for Clay Expression students with minimum 16 pottery sessions) daily, weekly or monthly basis to express their passion with clay at our fully equip pottery studio in Subang Jaya Selangor. Contact us for more info 


  • Potters studio with pleasant ambiance
  • Variable electronic pottery wheel
  • Glaze materials with color chart
  • Ceramic kiln Clay Firing Services
    Firing services are for current Clay Expression student
  • Ceramics painting and pottery classes available for Clay Expression budding, intermediate and advance potters classes with minimum 16 pottery sessions, conducted by professional ceramist artist.

Studio Glazes - A verity of studio glazes (colors for potteries) are available for sale.

Clay for sale - Clay sold are processed and ready to use for hand building, wheel throwing or model making (clay are available in Kg's small/large quantities).

Clay Expression pottery studio provides a social environment for Clay Expression student potters, artist and ceramist to gather, create, explore ceramics art, discuss, arrange field trips, group exhibitions and workshops.


Unifying body, mind & soul...


Powerful variable electronic pottery wheel available in our fully equip with facilities in our pottery studio.
To create ceramics art of irresistible beauty.
What can be more romantic than falling in love while working with clay and turning your visions into beautiful potteries of artistic inspirations.

It's not about what I have create, its about how I dream and aspire to create. This is me.

  Clay Expression pottery studio ceramic artist peeling away at the deep layers of mystery that lie beneath the outward appearance of soft moist clay to create pottery pieces of art.

<<Clay Expression pottery studio Glazed and unglazed ceramics as well as moist clay pieces resting on drying on racks and firing rack plates being prepared for firing.


Why do we have to "Wedge"? The pug mills machine at our pottery studio is to compress and remove tiny air bubbles residing inside raw moist clay -- otherwise the air bubbles trapped inside completed ceramics or pottery pieces will expand and explode during firing process.


Firing Services

Clay Expression Ceramic firing services (firing kiln) are for current Clay Expression pottery students.

Art work of soft moist clay pieces are left on the drying racks to be air-dried for a week. They are then placed into the kiln for 8 hours of initial firing and then left alone (to cool down) for another 8 hours before glaze are applied.

The glazed ceramic pieces will then be loaded  back into the kiln again, for a second 12 hours firing with temperature up-to 1,300 degree centigrade and are left alone to cool down for 24 hours before the kiln door are opened, it is to prevent the pottery pieces from fracturing.

In search of my soul...
There's something beautiful
about pottery and my ceramic art pieces...

...a frozen sense of time and the expression
it projects that are peculiar to my own experiences.

My creations are about me,
what I like, and what I care about.

At Clay Expression we help transform artistic dreams
and vision into ceramic objects of art.


Clay Expression pottery studio ceramic artist using color chart to apply glaze on pottery pieces as well as creating a social environment for potters, artist and ceramist to gather, create, discuss, arrange field trips, workshops, group exhibitions to explore ceramics art.


What do you see
What do you see?
What do you see?
"Do you assemble the fragments of movements, gazes and gestures I display before you and weave a picture of me?" TheatreWorks’s--Geisha

The hidden realm of the Geisha or Japanese courtesan, like ceramic art, are subject of countless stories...

Poetry, songs, writers and artists attempts to shed light on these secretive beauties who live out their lives in public, yet remain private underneath their magical white faces and crimsoned rosebud lips.

Only some...
Can see my vision, and dreams of my creations, where the magic lies...

Those who open their hearts, and unlock their mind...

Will see beauty where my
treasure lies...

A place... where not many know and few dare to go




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