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Keeping Creativity Alive...
Potters love for sharing & creating through art


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A matter of

Balancing Art

Featured Artists:
Cindy Koh 
Susan Kee

Juggling between family commitments and work responsibilities.  Finding moments for self-fulfilment and allocating hours to social events.


Life’s a fine balance between the things we want to do and the things we have to do. This theme is refreshingly expressed through a presentation of yoga asanas (poses) in Balancing Art.

The many balancing postures in yoga have challenged many students of the discipline.

Many have discovered that yoga helps to improve balance in their life through the focus on awareness; being aware of what’s important and essential and what’s trivial and transient.

In this exhibition, Cindy and Susan have crafted work in a variety of media to demonstrate how balance could be achieved through a dedicated effort.

We wish you a pleasant and balanced experience as you enjoy our showcase of Balancing Art.

Balancing Art
Keeping Creativity Alive, Potters love for sharing & creating through art. Can be seen at: Clay Expression Pottery Studio
10th June to 6th July 2006
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