Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay


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Bringing creative dreams to life...


Ancient Intrigue

by Fauzi Tahir
and Helen Betlem

Fresh & Exciting

Shinos basic glaze cups
by Cindy Koh -
Bs. in Arts (Ceramics)
and Associate studies in Business
Administration University of Evansville,
Indiana, USA 1995

Pottery works of art created by artist
are no longer a physical representation of the object.
It has become the potter expression of emotions and imaginations trying to reach unseen human layers that exist beneath the physical countenance of a person to provoke a deep feeling of mystery and inspirations.

Potter's Journey

by Students' of Clay Expression

A journey of love...
Where artistic dreams are born.
Each ceramic piece is an expression of the studentís individual creativity.

Participation potters & ceramist artist:
Cindy Koh
Hiroko Kitamura
Khoo Gaik Sim
Lim Siew Lean
Theresa Wong





An exhibition about four friends
getting together; expressing their
creativity in the medium of Clay.



Kids Ceramics
Art Expression
Exhibition & Competition

Maestro of  "Clay art philosophy" Dynamic, visionary, brazen and charismatic.


Balancing Art
Finding moments for self-fulfilment. Keeping Creativity Alive, Potters love for sharing and creating through art.

In this exhibition, Cindy and Susan have crafted work in a variety of media to demonstrate how balance could be achieved through a dedicated effort.


A potter works touches on the beauty
of creation and triumph of creativity.

Ultimately a potter creation is about what they like and what they care about...

Their personal expression.

Their pottery works of art are based on any inspirational objects under the sky and are not limit to any preferred mediums to express their heart and soul with clay that speaks with feelings of the past and our present.

Pottery is not just about clay. It conveys a message that speaks of an artist inspirations, passions, creativity and originality...

Itís the not just the end result, itís getting the artist creative message out there that their original creation reflect inspirations.

Forming clay can result in almost limitless possibilities and when potters lay their hands on clay to melodiously shape and create...

Always something magical, a certain attachment, an affinity that all potters have that makes their creations leap with excitement and elicit the response of pure awe.




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