Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
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I believe in bringing
my inspirations to life...
My pottery works of art that I have created is no longer a physical representation of the object.
It has become my expression of emotions and imaginations trying to reach unseen human layers that exist beneath the physical countenance of a person and to provoke a deep feeling of mystery.
This is me...
Masters of my own creativity



Intermediate Pottery Wheel Throwing Classes

Intermediate Pottery Wheel Throwing Techniques
Tea pot making
Making Handles & Lids
Trimming on the wheel
Bottle form & Large forms
Making doughnut form
Throwing on the hump
Altering wheel thrown pieces
Making Cups, Lidded Jars, aroma holder, tea pot, etc.

Follow your heart on a journey of self-discovery unifying body, mind and soul to create ceramics art of irresistible beauty on the pottery wheel. Just Call for an appointment or for more info on Advance Wheel Throwing & Hand Building Classes.



Intermediate Hand-building Classes

Intermediate Clay Hand-building Techniques

Bowl form - Bowl making technique & forms

Centering - The most crucial technique for throwing on the potter's wheel

Pinching - Learn to prepare clay and understand the of working with clay

Press Mold - Learn how clay can take its form from other existing objects

Slab - Learn to join clay pieces together to form angled pieces

Coils - Learn to from organic shapes through making coils

Coils Technique Ceramic Vase

Pinch Technique Ceramic Tea Pot

Pinch Technique Sauce Tray Holder

Student Potters hand-built inspirational expression of
timeless designs with refreshing gratifying silhouettes

Slab -

Joining clay pieces to form angled pieces

Chinese Tea Cup

Press Mold Ceramic Bowl

Just Call for an appointment or for more information on Advance Wheel Throwing & Hand Building Classes.


Advance Wheel Throwing & Hand Building Classes

  The Ceramic Spectrum
What is Rhythm?

The inspiration begins; the development of color, review of materials and firing techniques, kilns, temperatures, firing atmosphere, and the interactive behavior of raw clay materials in the kiln.

Testament to the potter's artists creative intent -- it stands as a source of inspiration...

...and an affirmation of the endless wealth of creative potential inherent in ceramic materials and color.

Squeezing paint out of tubes and mixing desired colors by sight is a simple luxury not available to the ceramist.

The glaze maker sees what he has mixed only after the glaze has emerged from the kiln in its met amorphous beauty.

<<< Resident potter Cindy Koh
<<< making a large pottery vase

Just Call for an appointment or for more information on Advance Wheel Throwing & Hand Building Classes.



Masters of our own creativity... Making the Unseen Seen

It is the feeling of speaking out that evoke a sense of our personality, emotions and mood. It's not what we create, but our passion in creating --the feeling of speaking out--our artistic ideas and it is at this point that our true self comes out.

Student Ceramist  with "Doughnut" forms glazed ceramics

Student potter with nature inspired pitcher plant ceramic vase



Expressing Passion
with Clay

Giving voice
to dreams and
visions to
create ceramics art
of irresistible beauty.

Making stunning
works of clay art
of my own design
transforming clay
into objects
of inspiration.

Aroma Burner

Un-glazed clay vase


Ceramic flower basket

Ceramic Vase


It is the feeling of speaking out... that evoke a sense of my personality, emotions and mood.
My pottery pieces are not about why or what I create but my passion in creating it -- the feeling of speaking out, and it exists...
This is me.

My creations are about me and how
I express myself in ways of my own.

Pottery is all about the expression of one’s personality, an inner light, a fascinating charisma, an enigmatic grace... creation and expression. It's about my happiness and harmony working with clay.

It is not about what I have created but about how I create it that requires exploring and tapping into the inner workings of my mind, it's about me.

Working with clay allows me as an artist potter to peel away at the deep layers of mystery that lie beneath the outward appearance of self -- the point when I, as an artists is formulating my ideas and it is at this point that my true self comes out.




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