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The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay


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The Adventure begins...

I am a potter, not a sculptor.
I shape the clay around with my hands, my approach is spontaneous, lyrical, and whimsically transforming soft clay into a form that enriches my creativity as each piece is a "one of a kind" artwork.

The ease with which my hands effortlessly manipulate soft clay into ridges of flowing form is enhance through the cutting of grooves into its surface, curving and flexing...

... around the shape I am creating are the results of interpretation that captures the light, textures and colors of Mother Nature...

Echoing images that reflect timelessness from the distant past instilled with the artist's fresh point of view.

My working with clay is not so much a medium for expressing myself as an artist, as it is one for discovering.

My artistic creations from clay incorporated the exciting elements of both chance and surprise that will intrigue anyone.

My creations are about me,
what I like and
what I care about...



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A feast
for the eyes...

Ceramics Gallery
of Visions & Dreams

Student ceramist with "Doughnut" forms ceramics



<<Ceramist Student
work of art...
Nature rock inspired hand build tea pot

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The Road Less Traveled...

          What do you see? What do you see?


In search of my soul

I prefers to work with clay because the soft spinning sound of the pottery wheel allows my mind to wander and create images that are peculiar to my own experiences.

There's something beautiful about pottery and my ceramic art piece--frozen sense of time and the expression it projects."

Unlike most other art forms, pottery is an expression of self. It's a vehicle that allows me to graphically depict my innermost thoughts and emotions and I enjoy the idea of people trying to interpret my work on their own terms.

Hand-built ceramic lidded jar

"To enjoy--to love a thing for its own
 sake and for no other reason."
Leonardo Da Vinci, artist and scientist


Student potter hand build tea pot


Student potter hand
crafted ceramic vases




In pursuit of creativity

"Shinos" ceramic pottery vase


Student ceramist hand build clay mug

Un-glazed hand crafted
painted clay "Tree of Life"

Clay sculptured horse figurine

Bamboo inspired ceramic vase

Student ceramist Hand build
aroma glazed ceramic burner



"Do you assemble the fragments of movements, gazes and gestures I display before you and weave a picture of me?"

The hidden realm of the Japanese courtesan--just like ceramist art--are subject of countless stories, poetry, songs, writers and artists attempts...

To shed light on these secretive beauties who live out their lives in public--yet remain private underneath their magical white faces and crimsoned rosebud lips.


Hand crafted clay figurine sculpture of the Fung Shui Lucky Cat by ceramist student potter


Giving Live to Dreams...

As a ceramist potter, I am inspired to go for a melodramatic sense of colour and space.

All I know is that my pottery pieces will have elements of modernism that take on a positive view of imagery.

Pottery student Jan hand building her clay slab vase..."I try to inject a bit of the art trends of the past with my own interpretation of clay form and function."

As an artistic potter, I am willing to experiment and mark with my own pottery styles.

At this stage, I have a chest full of ideas. I'm nervous, anxious, and yet strangely enthusiastic about what the future holds for my ceramic works of art.

But like most ceramic artists, I am still searching for my artistic soul -- to me, its a life-long quest. But for the present, I shall let my creative vision spark my dreams and inspiration.


Un-glazed clay vase

Glazed clay vase




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