Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay


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Clay crafting ceramic wares
into astonishing depth of beauty...

A potter shaping
seductive soft clay
harmoniously with graceful
hypnotic swaying

...on the pottery wheel that
tap into the inner working
of the mind to create emotional
three dimensional objects of art



Single Session Pottery Class

Clay Hand building Class
Single Session Pottery class
  • 3 hour session
  • 600gms of Clay
  • Includes firings and glazing

Pottery Wheel throwing Class
Single Session Pottery class

  • 3 hour session
  • 600gms of Clay
  • Includes firings and glazing

Single Session Wheel Throwing and Hand-building Pottery classes are conducted on: Tues, Thurs and Sats

To sign up for the Pottery Class
Just Call for more info or visit our pottery studio





The ceramic journey has been exciting.

It has given me tremendous satisfaction working with clay.

<<Ceramic Student Potter hand building a large clay vase


  Single Session Pottery Class
Potter hand building a clay vase
Clay Hand building technique

The hand building process is a dialogue between my hands and the clay: its a special language in which my whole body is involved in speaking and listening to the clay.

I love the nourishing communion of this process which involves all the elements of creation:

Earth, Water, Air and Passion. There is no substitute for the pleasure you derive from making your own piece of pottery.

Hand Build Coiled Vase

  Clay Hand-building techniques can result in almost limitless possibilities, from functional dinnerware, stoneware or gigantic clay sculptures to teapots for collectors Clay Hand building Techniques
Molding Clay to Create Shape...

Pinching - Learn to prepare clay and understand working with clay

Press Mold - Learn how clay can take its form from other existing objects

Slab - Learn to join clay pieces
together to form angled pieces

Coil - Learn to from organic shapes through making coils


Hand build Coil Vase


Hand build
Aroma Burner

Hand build
Aroma Burner

Hand Build Slab
flower basket

Hand build
Pinch Mug

Hand build Pinch
ceramic Tea Pot

Hand Build
Clay Sculpture

  Single Session Pottery Class
  Pottery Wheel Throwing Technique
Dances of Clay on the pottery wheel
  Your will learn bowl form, Tea pot making, Large forms, Making Handles, Altering wheel thrown, pieces, Bottle form... Tea pot making, Large forms, Noodle Bowls, Making Cups, Trimming on the wheel... Lidded Jars, doughnut form, Throwing on the hump
and more...

To sign up for the Single Session Pottery Wheel Throwing Classes Just Call for more info or visit our pottery studio



Cindy Koh Ceramist

I am basically a happy person who loves to create potteries related to nature.

Ultimately my creations are about me, what I like and what I care about.

My ceramic pieces featured strong colors, with glazed pigment added to achieve richness of nature, while at the same time having multi-levels of textures and patterns.

I have a fascination with pattern and colour inspired from plants and vegetation. It makes me feel good to create my favorites potteries from images of nature.

My ceramics are intent on finding connections between times and places, between peoples and nature, and in the timeless metaphors of my clay vessel as the embodiment of humankind.

Shinos Ceramic Vase


I believe in bringing my dreams to life...

Making Dreams Come True...

Giving voice to complex dreams and visions to create ceramics art of irresistible beauty.

You will soon be making stunning works of clay art of your own design by transforming clay into objects of inspiration.

There's something beautiful about pottery and my ceramic art piece -- frozen sense of time -- and the expression it projects.





  Clay Hand-building Inspiration from the past

Pottery has been around from time immemorial. When mystery of the "Terracotta Warriors", buried for over two thousand years was unearthed in China-1974...

It was an era of heritage and grandeur among its treasures, was perfectly preserved pottery--proving ancient potters versatility in creating beautiful ceramics.

Shaping clay (Kelantan Field Trip) with or without a potter's wheel has captivated expert and novice ceramists for centuries. Pottery is a highly developed craft that is enjoyed by many and for the beginner...

Hand building is one of the simplest ways of making ceramic pot, cups, plates or jugs are through the hand build pinching, coiling or slab methods.

Pinching involves using your hands to mould clay into objects such as bowls or cups while the slab method uses flat slabs of clay and coiling involves rolling long sausages of clay and coiling them together.

Doing it your way - Forming shapes in clay with the "Hand Building" or "Wheel Throwing" techniques are very relaxing--it makes you feels good creating your own beautiful potteries of inspirations.




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