Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay


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Expressing passion with clay
Unifying body, mind and soul...
to create ceramics art of  irresistible beauty.

Shino are clay based glaze developed in the Mino area of Japan in the 16th century, and was used as decorate tea ceremony ware.

The uniqueness in Shinos is that they run, crawl, pinhole, and give an imperfect surface--that may be considered as faults in other glazes, but being "shino" glaze--they are desired effects.

The sheer beauty of Shino glazes is indeed in a class of its own with endless possibilities and Cindy, Clay Expression resident Potter, has made available her latest creations of Shino-nize ceramics...

Product Design
Gift Items
Tea Sets
Oil Burners
Lidded Jars
Candle Holders


Incense Holders

My pottery works of art that I have created are no longer a physical representation of the object.

It has become my expression of emotions and imaginations trying to reach unseen human layers that exist beneath the physical countenance of a person to provoke a deep feeling of mystery. 
This is me.

We custom make to order or one-off design hand crafted ceramics from one unit onwards for one of a kind corporate or executive gifts, wedding dining set, hotel spa, franchise outlet, etc... Contact Us for your requirements.


The Craft & Art of Clay

Transforming clay into
objects of inspiration...

Plunging bare hands
into cool, moist clay...
Pinching and coiling it...
...burnishing or glazing it.

Shaping clay...
and transforming it into
intoxicating objects of art...

Giving voice to
complex dreams and
visions of irresistible
ceramics of beauty.
Creatively baffling...
Distinctive odd...

A gallery of style that
follows your inner spirit...

Transforming clay into
stunning and
ceramic pieces of art.




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