Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay


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Self-expression comes from within and not from outside. Each individual are different and that's beauty in itself.  


Weave Holder

We custom make to order or one-off design hand crafted ceramics from one unit onwards for one of a kind corporate or executive gifts, wedding dining set, hotel spa, franchise outlet, etc... Contact Us for your requirements.

Product Design
Gift Items
Tea Sets
Oil Burners
Candle Holders
Incense Holders


Lidded Jars

Pumpkin inspired
aroma burner

Journey of Inspiration...

My journey of inspiration with ceramics are about me,
what I like and
what I care about...
It's m
y expression.

I have a fascination with patterns and color inspired from flora, fruits and green vegetation with warm red yellow reflection of the sun, mingling with cool blue sky. Each and every pottery created by me have a story to tell...

It makes me feel good when I create beautiful potteries of art inspired by nature that deepen my desire to convey the importance of happiness and harmony through ceramics.

Basically, I am a person who loves to create and my work of ceramic art conveys a message that speaks of passions, creativity, and inspirations as the perfect medium to symbolize my positive emotions .





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