Our workshops are classes conducted outside of our normal class schedule and curriculum.

Developed for groups of friends, families or corporate executives, these workshops provide a creative space and time to experience the unique joy of creating and working with clay, turning ideas into reality with their own bare hands.

In a handbuilding workshop, you learn ancient pottery-making techniques that involves your hands, fingers and simple tools. You experience the transformation of clay from its moist, soft and mouldable form into your intended form.

In a wheelthrowing workshop, you learn to use a potter's wheel. As you spin the wheel and lubricate the clay with water, gentle movement in your hands transform the clay into a symmetrical form.

Special workshops are for those who are looking for some hands-on experience with clay. These fun workshops include exciting themes and challenges for you to explore while learning to work with clay.

As with any art form, practice enhances the enjoyment of working with clay.

Private Workshops

Suitable for small groups of 6 to 30 people such as friends, families, kindergarten and school groups. We can incorporate teambuilding challenges into the workshop programme.

Special Workshops

We will be introducing special workshops. Watch this space and our social media for details.

Kids Group Workshops

For our little ones who are just starting to discover tactile experiences and develop motor skills. We can help them learn to channel their strength through the versatility and sensitivity of clay to bring their ideas to life in a 3D form.

Practice enhances the enjoyment of working with clay.