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The touch of the master's hands...

An auction was held in an old music school hall at a small town and Jessica has not visited her old music school since graduating in music from Vienna.

Together with Joann her 8 years old daughter sitting beside her, Jessica was dreamily thinking of the wonderful time she had at her old school when the auctioneer loudly announced; how much will you bid for this Piano?

Jessica heart missed a beat and instinctively griped Joann hands tightly; it reminded her of the same old Piano that captivate her passion for music when she her self was 8 years old studying music there.

The bids came slowly, gradually reached $250 and Jessica heart missed another beat as the auctioneer at the top of his voice; any more bid; setting to thump the gavel to complete the saleÖ

Suddenly, 8 years old Joann got up, walk over, tug on the coat of the auctioneer, he bend down and Joann whispered into his ear for a short time and the auctioneer nod his head in approval.

Joann walked to the old Piano, sat down, made herself comfortable, dust-off the Piano keys with her handkerchief and began playing the most beautiful serenading melody that the folks at small town had ever heard.

As she finished, she closed the Piano keys cover and went back to seat beside her proud mother.

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The auctioneer walked up to the microphone and announced... "How much will you bid for this magnificent Piano that plays such enchanting music?"

The bidding was fast and furious; finally, the Piano was sold for five thousand dollars.

What's the difference between a dusty old Piano and an 8 years old child that plays such magnificent hypnotic music? -- The Touch of the master's hands.


Imagination knows
no bounds in a child's creativity.

Never underestimate
a child creativity and imaginations.

Sowing the Seeds of Creativity

A kid creative process is about bringing something to life -- the form it takes;

Designing a clay tea pot, building, inventing, composing music or molding clay into various forms and shapes.

Itís the not just the end result, itís getting the artist creative message out there that their original creation reflect inspirations.

Pottery is not just about clay... It conveys a message that speaks of your passions, creativity, originality and inspirations.



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