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Give your child the
reason to say; Why not?

My 9-years old Estar and her elder sister Eleena are both creative genius, always full of fresh original ideas, their creative imagination allow them to see things in their mind that can make you hear, feel like "real" and their daddy and I loved playing with them.

Yesterday, they lined up a row of stuffed animals on the sofa and took turn making all the animals perform by singing and dancing with; Bongo strumming a song on his imaginary guitar, tiger and teddy roaring on stage and Louis the bear screeching; Iím the bumbling bear, and like to act fierce!

With Bongo the gorilla doing his jiggling jungle walk, and Frisky croaking his enchanting song: "Ouuu Ouuu Ouuu, Iíve got dragon flies in my boogfu belly" -- what a dramatic and inventive show.

Unexpectedly, they starts making a tent for their troops of animals for an expedition to the Amazon Jungle and Estar explained; this is just the base camp equipped with their "masak masak" cooking utilities and candles and said;

Mom, Dad can you both draw a map for us?
What for?
They respond in unison; For the treasure!

We looked at each other, astonished. Oh! Right! Of course the expedition includes a treasure hunt. Our kids, like many others, are naturally bursting with creative ideas which can only thrived when given encouragement and opportunities.


Junior Potter learning how to throw on a pottery wheel.

Clay crafting brain-based motivators cost very little, while your child love for learning is simply priceless!

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Give your child the reason to say; Why not?
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Developing Through Play

our childrenís to dramatize their plays is a great way for them to express themselves--to a child, every day is an opportunity for new ideas. The final product does not matter,
itís the creative process.

The creative process is about bringing something to life -- the form it takes; designing a building, inventing, composing music or molding clay into various forms and shapes. To our kids, imagination is like;

Gold dust and their appetite for it is ravenous, they search for all measures to fire it up. 

Creativity is not just useful in art or childís play -- it is for solving problems when imaginations produces ingenious solutions.

Original creative thinking is what innovating progress in the world today; it builds our futures and in a grandiose sense -- it is their heritage our world. Childrenís are born with creative instinct, to express what is uniquely theirs. Give your child the reason to say; Why not?

  Birds and the Bees

My son had just turned 15 when I finally decided to talk to him about "the birds and the bees".

To ensure private time I brought him on a Genting highland trip and began our talk on the bubble lift so he couldn't escape.

"Do you know about girls and babies?" I asked. He nodded but cut me off by saying what a beautiful view of K.L. from the lift.

A bit further up the ride up the bubble lift, I brought it up again, only to have him look away in silence.

Finally, halfway up, already knowing I had waited too long, I bluntly asked; "Son, would you like to talk about sex?"

"Gee, Dad," he responded;
"is that all you ever think about?"



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