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Road to change

I know a mother who had a very intelligent child that lived in an apartment. When her daughter Carol turned six, she wanted to ride her bike on the footpath sidewalk.

As we all know, a mother's job is to protect her child from injury and danger, so the mother set the boundaries on how far Carol can go -- just up to the stop sign at the far end of the Apartment footpath.

The rule was, when Carol sees the stop sign, she must Stop and Go Home.

The rule worked great; Carol always turned around at the stop sign and went back home.

One day Carol family was on a trip to Penang and about an hour into their journey, their car stopped at a junction with a stop sign and Carol said; Oh no! Now we have to go home.

The stop sign had been ingrained into her head that it really meant "STOP and go home"!

To Carol, as she was taught, the word STOP means immediately discontinue the action, do not move forward and progress further.

When our children were taught that stops are meant for their safety and well being -- their young subconscious mind can interpret it as not to advance further and limits their imaginations or creativity by staying safely within their boundaries.


This is my creative passion! I believe in bringing my dreams to life. It is my inspiration.

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It is often that when our children’s were getting close to realizing their dreams, to changing their lives--hit a stop sign.

They stopped because they are afraid to take the next step and don’t want to leave the certain safety and security with fear of the unknown. 

When they hit a stop, they have two choices: One: Stop, do not move forward, do not pass go and stay with the familiar.

Two: Find that little nudge, that hidden hand in their young curious mind which gently pushes them to take the first step beyond their present boundaries -- because with each step they take, they learned that they will be closer to achieving their dreams, vision and goals.

How many children in their present circumstances based on things that we have taught them? 

Some of those stop sign thinking might have been ingrained into their young mind for a reason -- such as safety -- that are subconsciously holding them back.

We must look at all the stop signs and obstacles that we have put in front of our child's life

  Look for a new Doctor

Her five-year-old daughter Lina was unusually quite and the worried mother took her to see a doctor.

The kindly doctor always try to put kids at ease by naming one part of their anatomy while pointing to another.

The Doctor touches Lina left ear, cover its opening with his finger and said; can you still breath easily when I cover-up one nostril?

Lina turned to his mother and said; "Mom, I think we should look for a new Doctor, this one can't tell the difference between a ear and a nose."

Never underestimate
a child creativity and intelligence.

When a child is talking back, she is just trying to prolong the situation and avoid doing the task. If the instruction has been clear and specific, then no extra explanation is needed.

Ignore what the child is saying and wait for a minute before enforcing the punishment for not following the instruction. Read More The Defiant child by Dr Teoh Hsien-jin


What will happen
when your child crosses the stop boundaries that have been ingrained into their thinking that is preventing them from opportunities, to push to their limits, to find ways to move forward; when
Stop signs are actually momentary path-ways to success. The Road to Change.


“You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem.”  Albert Einstein

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Any suggestions or feed-back,
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