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Your Kids can, if you let them think they can.

Have you ever walked by a low fence and wondered why the dog inside will run to it, but won't jump over the fence--no matter how many times he runs to it barking and growling?

The chances are the dog was placed inside the fence as a puppy and grew up seeing that fence as being higher than it is.

The puppy learned that no matter how many times he tries -- it's just too high.

Over time he gradually tries less often and eventually quits trying -- knowing that he'll never clear that fence.

The same thing happens to our children over the years. When they try to reach a goal and fail but still muster up the courage to try again and fall just short of the mark -- gradually that fence becomes higher in their minds, than it really is.

It's a gradual insidious process and they seldom notice it's happening.


This is my creation...
I believe in bringing my dreams to life...
This is my expression.
This is me.


The creative process is about bringing something to life -- the form it takes; designing, inventing or painting a ceramic vase.

The final product does not matter, itís the creative process.

Their pottery pieces are not about why or what they have create, its about their passion in creating it.

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Your Kids can, if you let them think they can!
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Over time that fence becomes more imposing and their efforts become a little less enthusiastic. They start building fences in their mind just like that little puppy.

When our kids begin a new goal with so many doubts thinking that they won't be able to reach it, so they don't and start thinking to themselves; "I knew I couldn't do it".

Two monks on a journey... as they approach a small river, they noticed a young woman -- afraid to cross the river, the elder monk puts her on his shoulders and carries her across, sets her down upon reaching the other side and continued his journey.

Further down the road, the elder monk turns to his younger companion and asks what's bothering him and he said; "You've broken your vows by touching that young woman."

The elder monk replied; "Yes, but I let her go when I had finished helping but why you are still carrying her around."


Kids hand made clay coin box

Our kids doubts become a self fulfilling prophecy. It doesn't have to be that way.

Failures and limitations are nothing more than fences they've built in their minds. The cycle can be broken, if they learn to stop thinking about past failures, concentrate on the here, now, and move on.

We must look at all the stop signs and obstacles that we have put in front of our child's life.


Our kids, like the younger monk, may carry around actions of their past that set limitations ingrained into their young mind for a reason that can subconsciously hold them back.

Parents need to impart knowledge with creative thinking values to our kids before they start building fences in their mind like that little puppy; before the fence becomes more imposing and their efforts becomes less enthusiastic as they move on in life.

It's a gradual process that parents seldom notice it happening -- setting the height limit of the fence and allowing past actions that are ingrained into our children young mind.

Children need to be nurture, to learn and begin every task as if it were impossible to fail and to let go and move on. Your kids can, if you let them think they can.

  What will happen when your child crosses the stop boundaries that have been ingrained into their thinking -- that is preventing them from opportunities, to push to their limits, to find ways to move forward; when Stop signs are actually momentary path-ways to success.
The road to change

This is my creation...
This is my expression...
This is me.



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