Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
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Giving Live To Dreams...
Ceramics Gallery of Visions and Dreams...
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Student hand build ceramic vase "inspired by nature".

Fulfilling Creative Calling

Only some can see
my vision and dreams
my creations
the magic that lies...

Those who open
their hearts
unlock their mind...

Will see beauty
where my
treasure lies...

A place
where not
many know
few dare to go...

Ceramic hand build
glazed clay vase

Flower basket

Ceramic Flower holder

Glazed Ceramic Vase


Aroma burner

Aroma burner

Ceramic Tea Pot

Ceramic Fung
Shui Cat

flower vase

Aroma ceramic burner

Glazed clay
aroma burner
Ceramic Sushi plate

A sudden fascination for pottery has allowed a young ceramist artist to peel away at the deep layers of mystery that lie beneath the outward appearance of soft moist clay and found that creating pottery art pieces similar to the way artist painting depicts painting -- both involve intense exploratory processes.

It's not about what I create or how I create my pottery pieces, but about how I dream and aspire to create them. Pottery requires exploring -- my ceramic work must jump at the viewer and each must evoke a sense of the creator internal personality, the emotions and the mood.

When viewers looked at my ceramic works -- they are enticed to peel away at the depicted clay art piece--to explore inner elements, emotional and mental processes that have occurred beneath the flesh that tried to reach unseen human layers existing beneath the physical countenance of a potter.

What makes pottery intriguing to learn is the distinctive vocal intonation of each ceramic pieces that defines the style of potter flirting with soft wet clay, flirting outrageously with a sensation...

Of being completely dazed by a hypnotizing spinning wheel that ignite the potter flashing sequence of rhythmically hands on soft clay in order to create an art clay piece that somehow trigger perceptions of emotions in the mind of the observer.


Clay sculpture

Glazed Ceramic
Tea Pot

Ceramic Vase

Glazed Ceramic
Tea Pot

Glazed Ceramic Vase

It is the feeling of speaking out, that my timeless object of ceramic creations exists-- capturing my painstaking endeavors to create an aura of natural tranquility can be felt almost instantly like scents that arouse emotions.

Creating your own pottery
Pottery has been around from time immemorial, as most archaeological sites would attest--when the "Terracotta Warriors", buried for over two thousand years was unearthed in China-1974, among its treasures was perfectly preserved pottery.

Shaping clay with or without a potter's wheel has captivated expert and novice ceramists for centuries. Pottery is a highly developed craft that is enjoyed by many and for the beginner...

Glazed Ceramic Bow

Clay Hand-built techniques can result in almost limitless possibilities, from functional dinnerware, stoneware or gigantic clay sculptures to teapots for collectors.

Anyone can easily master the basics of hand building with the guidance of an expert potter or ceramist, with different ways of moulding and shaping clay.

You don't need more than your hands and simple tools to create your own original distinctive style of functional plates, bowls, mugs, teapots and other works of art.


Clay Expression
Helps transform dreams and vision into ceramic objects of inspiration with clay.
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