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Clay Expression Art & Craft of Inspirations with Clay



Nurturing the thinking child

Molding Future Leaders

"This is my creation...
I believe in bringing my
creative visions to life."

Sowing the Seeds of Creativity


10 Session Clay Hand
Building & Pottery Wheel Throwing

The two main techniques in this 10 Session clay work classes for hand building and pottery wheel throwing.

Clay hand building involves creating clay pieces using free form techniques. They are taught basic clay techniques so that they can create whatever they want.

If one doesn't attach the clay pieces well (hand building), they will fall off and when they use excessive force, the clay piece won't turn out well.

Pottery wheel throwing will help junior's to improve hands, eyes coordination and enhance creativity that
will inspires junior creativity and imaginations.

They will learn to relax when working with clay and disciplines themselves when they learn to handle different types of clay.



10 Sessions Pottery Class
3 hr session per class that includes materials
(maximum of 4 kg finished works)

Pottery Wheel Throwing techniques that Junior will be learning:

Centering - The most crucial technique for throwing on the potter's wheel

Cylindrical form - Learn to master the centering technique and make cylinders

Bowl form - Bowl making technique

Other wheel throwing techniques:
Tea pot making, Large forms, Making Handles, Altering wheel thrown, pieces, Bottle form... Large forms, Noodle Bowls, Making Cups, Lidded Jars, Trimming on the wheel,  doughnut form, Throwing on the hump, and more.


Clay Hand building techniques that they will be learning:

Pinching - Most basic of hand building. Learn to prepare clay and understand the basics of working with clay.

Press Mold - Learn how clay can take its form from other existing objects.

Slab - Learn to join clay pieces together to form angled pieces.

Coils - Learn to from organic shapes through making coils.


Areas of exploration

This 10 sessions pottery wheel throwing and clay hand-building course is to explore and gain knowledge of basic pottery making and to understand the versatility of clay and its limitless boundaries, shape shifting ability and its feel.

Pottery are about creative clay expression and inspirations that takes many forms and will learn basic pottery clay crafting designing by creating and transforming clay into various objects of art.


The objective of this 10 Sessions Ceramic Course is  to learn and understand the process of pottery making


Explore a specific method of Potter's
wheel clay forming technique

to glaze their own clay master pieces

of understanding how to
produce a finished ceramic art piece

Glazed Pinch, Press Mold Hand-build ceramic coin box

Nurturing the thinking child

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Juniors applying glaze to "Press Mold" clay vase



Follow your heart on a journey
of self-discovery at
Clay Expression
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