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Clay Expression Art & Craft of Passion with Clay


Clay Expression

Pottery Class
Ceramic Artist
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I Have a Dream

I believe in bringing my ceramic dreams to life. A place where not many know and few dare to go


Windows to My Soul

Only some can see displayed before you a picture of clay creations and the magic within


Journey of Inspirations

My ceramic journey has been exciting. It gave me fabulous satisfaction working with clay


Ceramic Expressions

The touch of the master's hands. Meet and experience the NEXT level of ceramic passion


An Adventure with Clay

Explore new frontiers; experience the excitement of creating objects of beauty from clay


Nurturing the thinking child

Fun clay crafting creative activities pottery workshops designed for junior 6 to 19yrs old


Expressing Ceramic Inspirations at
Clay Expression Pottery Classes

Unifying body, mind & soul...

This is my inspiration.
I believe in bringing my dreams to life...

As I shape clay around with my hands, the approach is lyrical, spontaneous, and whimsical transforming clay into a form that enriches creativity...

My hands effortlessly manipulate soft clay into ridges of flowing form... Enhanced through the cutting of grooves into its surface...

Curving and flexing around the shape being created to captures the light, textures and colors of mother nature...

Echoing images that reflect timelessness from distant past, instilled from an artist's point of view...

A sensation of being dazed by a hypnotizing spinning wheel that ignite the potter passionate rhythmical hands...

To create ceramic work of art that evoke a sense of the creator personality, emotions and passion.


Yoga Asanas inspired ceramic sculptures


Follow your heart on a journey
of self-discovery at
Clay Expression
Pottery Classes







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