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Clay Expression Art & Craft of Passion with Clay


Journey of Inspiration.


My ceramic journey of inspiration has been exciting. It has given me fabulous satisfaction working with clay.

My creations are about what I like...
What I care, and treasured.



Creating ceramics art
of irresistible


Clay Expression
10 Session
Pottery Wheel Throwing
and Clay Hand-building Class

Wheel Throwing

  This 10 sessions Ceramic course is designed to take you through a fun journey of exploring and discovering clay hand-building and pottery wheel throwing techniques.
Those with experience working with clay may take this course to learn new techniques and continues to improve their pottery skills.

Areas of exploration:

The objective of this 10 Sessions Ceramic Course is to learn to analyse and solve clay construction problems and understand the process of pottery making:

Experience different methods of hand building clay forming techniques and pottery wheel throwing.
Learn to glaze your own clay master pieces
Gain an understanding of producing a finished ceramic piece

Experience different methods of hand building

Experience different methods of clay forming techniques using the potterís wheel

Learn to glaze your own masterpieces

Gain an understanding of producing a finished ceramic piece of art

  *10 Session Ceramic Course
Clay Hand building and Wheel throwing.

*You may have the entire 10 session only on hand-building or wheel throwing.

Duration of Exploration:
10 classes (3 hours per class)

Course fee includes:
Clay for class works (up to a max of 4 kg finished works).

Class days:
Tues, Thurs and Sats - By appointment only

FAQ's What can I learn in 10 lessons?

To sign up
Clay Expression 10 session Pottery Classes Email, Visit or Call Us for more info

Intermediate & Advance Pottery Wheel Throwing & Hand-building. The NEXT level of inspirations
4 Session Pottery Classes to explore methods of hand building & potter's wheel clay forming technique
Single Session Pottery Classes a beginnerís Pottery Art Class for those with no prior ceramic experience


Essence of
Pursuing Passion


Making the Unseen Seen


I have a fascination with patterns and color inspired from flora, fruits and green vegetation with warm red yellow reflection of the sun, mingling with cool blue sky...

Each and every pottery pieces created by me have a story to tell...

It's my expression.



Follow your heart on a journey
of self-discovery at
Clay Expression
Pottery Classes







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