Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
Malaysia Seramik Kraftangan Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, PJ


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Kelantan potter demonstrate traditional Malay hand building technique...

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Potter from Kelantan
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Raku Ancient Art of Firing
Clay Expression Open house
Field Trip to "Kota Bharu" -- Potter from Kelantan
Malaysian Kelantan's master potter presenting her traditional Malay hand building and coil crafting technique.


A Kelantan potter demonstrating her skills in the art of traditional pottery with a table top hand-wheel.

Kelantan potter demonstrates how she craft the foot (base) of the low fire clay pot.

  Special local Kelantan low fired clay (1,200 C) are use to craft the clay pot and the fired clay pot will be semi-porous -- usually sold in open local markets and used by many Malaysians for cooking glutinous rice -- a local delicacy.
Special local Kelantan low fired clay (1,200 C) are use to craft the clay pot and the fired clay pot will be semi-porous.

The Kelantan low fire clay (1,200 C) fired clay pot will be semi-porous and are sold in open local markets used by Malaysians for cooking glutinous rice

Cindy Koh and her field trip pottery student getting some hands-on experience interacting with the local Kelantan Potter as she demonstrate her traditional Malay hand
building technique.
Glutinous rice

Despite its misleading name, the word glutinous means glue-like or sticky rice does not contain gluten or "amylose" but contains a high amounts of "amylopectin" -- responsible for it being sticky.

Malaysians have adopted glutinous rice as part of their diet like; "Tapai" -- where yeast are added to the glutinous rice with clean boiled water and left to ferment in a cool dark area of their home for 10 days -- that produces a soft watery fermented glutinous rice with a rich aroma fragrance.

Cooked and ready to eat, delicious mouth watering translucent glutinous rice.
Steamed cooked glutinous rice consumed with durian or ripe mangoes added with a few spoon full of fresh coconut pulp juice.

Another local favorite "Turmeric" glutinous rice, local call it "yellow ginger roots rice, steamed with a hands full of pepper and turmeric and consumed with with a sprinkling of sugar or with curry sauces.

Glutinous rice being steamed in a Kelantan low fired semi-porous clay pot on top of a local traditional clay stove that uses charcoal.

Notice the open vent at the bottom of the clay stove -- it has a sliding clay door to control the charcoal fire by restricting fresh air.

Location of "Kota Bahru" capital of  Kelantan

The charms of Kelantan are found in the vitality of its culture and shining beauty of traditional wayang kulit (shadow play) puppeteer and tok dalang (story telling) accompanied by melodies from various musical instruments.

Wayang Kulit - Shadow play

Kelantan's 14,931 square kilometers of coastline on the East Peninsular Malaysia offers a number of idyllic beaches and a glimpse of traditional Malay culture like;...

Sports of giant kite-flying, top-spinning, silat, bird-singing competitions and the making of exquisite handicrafts, batik and pottery.

Kelantan's vast stretches of tropical rain forest cover the state and its part of the Taman Negara National Park.

It has an area of rustic settings of picturesque villages amidst padi-fields that give insights into a way of life that has endured the passing of time.

Kelantan's history dates to between 8000-3000 B.C. Chinese historical documents chronicle the existence of a government which had links with China, when Kelantan was referred to as 'Ho-lo-tan'.

Fresh Raw un-husk uncooked
black glutinous rice are use to prepare a popular local black porridge dish for desert or tea break.

They are boiled with water for 3 hours with added sugar and an added table spoon of fresh coconut pulp juice just before consumption.


Steamed cooked glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Its about the size of a clinch fist -- filled with meat, mushroom, chestnuts, Soya-beans and salted duck egg yoke.


Another popular local glutinous rice delicacy "ketupat pulut".

  It is called Ketupat Pulut (glutinous rice), by using strip of young coconut leaf weaved into 3 inches square and filled with glutinous rice with fresh coconut milk, steamed cooked and consumed with curry sauce.

Or Cooked by roasting it over hot charcoal -- wrapped in fresh banana leaves together with red hot chili & spiced pounded dried shrimp.



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