Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
Malaysia Seramik Kraftangan Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, PJ


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On a
  journey of

The Ancient Chinese earliest Ash Glazed pottery came about by accident...

Pottery Field Trip Contents
Melaka Field Trip
Field Trip to Perak
Potter from Kelantan
Fauzi's Pottery Studio Trip
Raku Ancient Art of Firing
Clay Expression Open house


Field Trip to Fauzi's Pottery Studio located in Selangor

Helen explaining to Kong about her clay model work's being made into a bronze sculpture.

Both Fauzi and Helen share the same ceramic pottery studio located in an idyllic area in Selangor.

Student potters taking a close look at a kiln in Fauzi's pottery studio.

Enthusiast ceramics art visitors admiring
Helen's and Fauzi's creative potteries work
of art on display.

Fauzi's and Helen's beautiful and refreshing pottery studio (Casting Area) located in an idealist and  inspiring surrounding of lush aromatic gardens complemented with flowing  soothing water.

Fauzi's and Helen enchanting and inspirations' ash glazed pottery's art pieces


Helen passionately describing her sculpture ceramic master piece!

Some of Fauzi's and Helen enchanting and inspirations' ash glazed pottery's art pieces



A close-up of artistic potteries pieces drying on the racks and some Fauzi's of enchanting and inspirations' pottery's art pieces.

An array of Fauzi's pottery art pieces drying on racks.



Fauzi and Helen, Ash glaze potteries was used for most of the pottery on the show -- The ancient Chinese earliest ash glazed pottery came about by accident.

Fauzi and Helen, who are both sculptors and they create ceramic sculptures as well as potteries.




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