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Clay Expression Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay

Malaysia Kraftangan Galeri Kraf Pameran Seramik Institut Kraf Negara warisan Selangor, PJ


Clay Expression Pottery Studio
Lot 757, No.5 Block C, Jalan Subang 3,
47610 PJ, Selangor

GPS coordinate: N 03 03.037' E101 35.783

Studio Tel: 03-5888.9905   Cindy HP: 012-3805505


Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 8am to 5pm

WAZE users:
Search for Clay Expression then choose CLAY EXPRESSION Enterprise

How to get to us?
From Summit hotel (on your left), pass Da Men and Turn Left at traffic lights.
At next traffic light Turn Right (You can see Giant hypermarket). Go straight
At traffic light, Turn are now on Jalan Subang 3. Look for lot 757 & 756



Art is knowledge.
Imagination knows no bound in
a child's creative piece of ceramic.


A potter kneading his clay laboriously moulds every vessel for our use...

Plunging bare hands into cool, moist clay. Pinching and coiling it...

Shaping clay and transforming it into intoxicating objects of art...

Giving voice to complex dreams, and visions of irresistible ceramics of beauty...

Creatively baffling... Distinctive odd...
A gallery of style that follows their inner spirit...

Transforming clay into stunning and inspiring ceramics...

What the purpose of each on is to be, the moulder of the clay decides.


Kids clay hand building
pinching, coils

Hand build aroma
potpourri basket

Junior student potters clay hand-building



Do you know why?
Pottery Classes can help
you or your child...

Working with clay--pottery making, clay hand building and lots more to keep a person creative skills busy and develop finer motor skills, improve hand and eye coordination as well as enhance creativity through handling different types of clay.

Moulding clay helps a child to develop good touch senses, shaping, creating textures, improves creative skills, develop their fine motor skills, and improve hand and eye coordination.

Hand building with clay motivate and enhance creative thinking, by developing and expanding the child’s or an adult interest.

Ceramics and pottery cultivate art knowledge, recycling skill, converting unwanted or discarded object, into art, toy and gift and the child’s knowledge about material through handling of different types of clay.

Pottery can improve children visualizing 2D images by converting them into 3D objects and visual proportion relating to scale and size.

Clay classes improve basic designing skill and turn their conceptual ideas into reality and cultivate a basic creative instinct--a helpful resources in today's competitive environments.

The freedom to explore creativity and push the boundaries of vision that what makes junior imaginations to mould clay into objects of creative art.

Pottery is not just about clay, it convey a message that speaks of inspirations, passions and creativity.

hand building pottery class for junior
Kids pottery class at Clay Expression
Subang Jaya pottery Studio

I am Cindy Koh
Founder of Clay Expression

Please feel Welcomed to
Contact me



Follow your heart on a journey
of self-discovery at
Clay Expression
Pottery Classes







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