Clay Expression
The Art & Craft of Expressing Passion with Clay
Malaysia Seramik Kraftangan Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, PJ


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Each ceramic piece is an expression of the individual creativity

Bringing creative
to life...


A journey of love...
Where artistic dreams are born.


The Potter's Journey
Students' of Clay Expression

This is an exhibition of a body of works by the students' and the potters' of Clay expression which shows their progress in the craft.

Each student goes through a self-discovery process, a learning experience that includes dealing with frustrations, being realistic about expectations, the delight in seeing the final product.

Each ceramic piece is an expression of the student’s individual creativity, vision and dreams plus buckets of “sweat and tears”.

The Potter's Journey...
Ceramics works of art can be seen at:
Clay Expression Pottery Studio
10th June to 6th July 2006
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Featured Artists:

Cindy Koh

Through years of production work, I have lost myself. My current work evolves around exploring and experimenting with different work techniques, ideas, and even concepts as part of my process for a search towards self discovery.

My objective is to push the limits of my skills and free my mind.


Gaik Sim

My works are all hand built, and I strive for a harmony of form and surface decoration. The series, Cloud Form, are pinched pots. The slight irregularity of this ancient method of making suggest to me the surface pattern a pot should take.

I work slowly - pinching, applying layers of coloured slips, scraping and burnishing – until a pot emerges.

Striation 1 is a coiled pot.  The smooth surface and swelling belly contain and contrast with the inlaid marks and the lip.


Hiroko Kitamura

My main purpose in working with clay is to be able to produce pieces that are pleasant to the eye and at the same time suitable for the Japanese lifestyle. I have made the powdered green teacups this time.

These tea cups are usually used during the Japanese tea ceremony. These are some of my favorite tea cups shapes which feeling of warmth in my hands when filled with hot green tea is most pleasurable.


Julie Famdale

From dust to dust, that's what we are...
A clay that has created by the almighty Potter". To me, bowl symbolize a woman ....where a life began and a hope to hold on… On my first exhibition, I would like to bring back the lost time, where the most beautiful creation are ever made, a Mankind..julez


Lim Siew Lean

Function has always played a key roll in my works. What I enjoy most working with clay is not only the end result of the piece but the time I spend decorating my pieces with intricate designs of the sea and of the garden…



What I most enjoy about pottery is there’s always so much more to learn and discover.

Every class is a discovery.
It is a never ending journey where the journey is the destination. I never tire of seeing what shapes can be coaxed from a lump of clay, when patience, optimism and a sense of humour are the tools.


Theresa Wong

Turning a simple machine thrown bowl – adding craftsmanship to it.  Although carving is a time consuming technique, I enjoying peeling away layers of clay, adding another dimension to reveal something that is so functional ie., a bowl into something beautiful. 

Slowly gaining confidence and skill, I am gradually developing my carving skills. My work reflects my meticulous attention to details and my influence by the Thai culture.



















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